Communications and Media

Communications and Media

In 2018, Navirum began its story helping communications and media companies to implement Salesforce successfully. From large telecommunications providers delivering unique experiences with the Service Cloud to innovative media firms growing through the Marketing Cloud. Our expert team of consultants implements Salesforce solutions for all our clients tailored to their exact needs.

”Navirum, your input into salesforce and support with the usability and onboarding was first rate, I would have no hesitation in recommending you”

- J Hall . - VP of Sales

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Navirum is a leading Salesforce implementation partner. We are experts in helping Communications and Media firms implement Salesforce. Together with our clients, we can unify your data, people, applications, and processes. If you would like help to fast-track your success to greater efficiency and fewer technology roadblocks so you can focus on what matters most, reach out to an expert from our team.

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