Healthcare and Life Sciences


The world of healthcare is constantly changing. From family clinics to big hospitals, healthcare providers are under constant pressure to deliver excellent services and treatments. At Navirum, we help healthcare companies digitally transform and create unique solutions within the guardrails of regulatory compliance. Whether it’s creating innovative human-to-human solutions using the Health Cloud to large-scale data analytics Tableau implementations, our team of expert consultants has helped hundreds of businesses across North America to implement Salesforce successfully.

Life Sciences

Across the life sciences industry, from university research to biotechnology, we help organizations to succeed using Salesforce. Our goal is to create custom solutions that solve unique problems for your life science organization. From Sales Cloud implementations to grow your business to Experience Cloud projects to share research, we have delivered a broad range of unique solutions for our customers.

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Navirum is a leading Salesforce implementation partner. We are experts in helping the healthcare and life sciences industry implement Salesforce. Together with our clients, we can unify your data, people, applications, and processes. If you would like help to fast-track your success to greater efficiency and fewer technology roadblocks so you can focus on what matters most, reach out to an expert from our team today!

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