Cinchana Pushparaj

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Cinchana is a Salesforce Analyst at Navirum Inc. She has overall 4 years of experience in IT, of which she has worked 2+ years on Salesforce platform at Accenture. She is a certified Salesforce professional and has worked on various projects in Finance, Retail and Automobile Industries. Cinchana is also Copado Certified, a DevOps tool built exclusively for Salesforce. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Science.

Cinchana has an inherent ability to bring structure to chaos that helps her to drive personal and professional commitments. She is an avid reader who consumes all genres of Books, but has a soft spot for Self Help and Personality Development Books. She has a passion for Social Welfare Programs, and has worked as a Fundraising Manager for a Canadian NGO.