Salesforce on Demand

What is Salesforce On-Demand?If you need access to Salesforce administration and support services on a partial or full-time basis, Navirum On-Demand could be for you. Hiring a qualified Salesforce Administrator on a full-time basis is expensive. With Navirum On-Demand you get all of the benefits of a Salesforce Admin on a budget that works for

Salesforce Health Check

Designed by Freepik What is a Salesforce Health Check? The Navirum Salesforce Health Check is designed to help you get the most out of your Salesforce investment and ensure you are using the system most effectively. The only constant in business is change, and ensuring your Salesforce org is keeping up with that change is

6 Tips for Migrating from ACT! to Salesforce

Understand your business goals: The Salesforce CRM offers a huge amount of functionality. It’s really important to understand what your business goals are so these can be aligned with specific functionality in Salesforce. For example, a business goal might be to grow your business by 30%. This can be aligned with growth functionality in Lead and

Create More Sales by Integrating Salesforce and Mailchimp

Creating a seamless sales pipeline is a priority for any growing company. However, friction can occur between the sales and marketing departments.

Announcing Navirum
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At Navirum, we are very active in helping a range of businesses in North America and Europe to scale and grow using Salesforce.

Supercharge Sales & Productivity with DocuSign for Salesforce

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Navirum Announces 5 New Jobs in Montreal

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