Create More Sales by Integrating Salesforce and Mailchimp

Creating a seamless sales pipeline is a priority for any growing company. However, friction can occur between the sales and marketing departments.

The sales team always want more leads..when the marketing team provide the leads, they are not sales ready! ..the sales team are too slow to follow-up on hot leads. Sound familiar?

The net result is slower sales cycles, leads falling through the cracks, missed sales targets, and frustrated staff.

In today’s hyper connected world, every B2B business needs to be extremely efficient. Salesforce and Mailchimp are two of the most popular CRM and marketing automation tools for driving growth. Combining these two applications can deliver huge value to any business.

Cue Mailchimp for Salesforce!

Mailchimp for Salesforce is a free app on the Salesforce AeppExchange that will allow you to seamlessly integrate the two systems. The integration app delivers many benefits such as

  • A 360 degree view of the customer – view Mailchimp data in Salesforce on the Lead and Contact record.
  • Single record entry – enter the data once in Salesforce and watch it sync into Mailchimp.
  • Real-time lead handover – watch leads flow in real-time from Mailchimp to Salesforce
  • Synchronize sales and marketing data –  using a series of batch jobs, Mailchimp for Salesforce will pass updates to leads and contact records between the two system
  • Create reports in seconds – The Mailchimp data is now available in Salesforce, so its possible to spin up reports in a couple of clicks.

So there you have it. Mailchimp for Salesforce – a free app on the AppExchange, can deliver huge productivity gains to any business, resulting in increased sales and more harmonious relationships between sales and marketing. The integration will help improve Salesforce adoption, giving users another reason to use Salesforce.

At Navirum, we are specialists in configuring Mailchimp for Salesforce. We have setup the app successfully for many businesses across North America and Europe. The integration needs to executed professionally for the solution to work properly. We are aware of the pitfalls to avoid setting up the solution. To find out more, contact us directly for a free consultation.

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