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Implementing Salesforce is a big decision for any company.

Charter is a Salesforce solution design and strategy blueprint, which is ideal for companies thinking about implementing Salesforce, trying to decide to invest in the platform, or in the midst of a bad implementation and need direction to move forward.


Like most IT projects, Salesforce implementations can cost more to implement and take longer to deliver than expected. Companies underestimate the time and effort needed to implement Salesforce. In addition, businesses at the beginning of their Salesforce journey are unaware of the project risks and issues, solution design options and very rarely put a roadmap in place for long-term success using the cloud platform.


At Navirum, we are experts in helping financial services companies make this transition. The challenges facing banks and insurance companies are unique. The financial service industry is highly competitive. Our clients need solutions that will give them a competitive edge, provide extra security, and comply with the regulatory environment. We create a unique Charter for every client, which provides them with solid analysis and perspectives before they invest in Salesforce.

Navirum Charter Benefits

Charter can help deliver significant benefits, including

Detailed requirements analysis

Our expert consultants will elicit a comprehensive set of requirements in our workshops. This process allows our customers to understand and prioritize key pieces of the functionality to be implemented, including the associated costs. As well as listening to our clients, Navirum will draw on a depth of expertise to make solution recommendations to our customers. Our team will also design processes, frameworks, and models to help bring the requirements to life.

Long-term value creation

Implementing Salesforce is only the beginning of your journey. Salesforce is a digital asset. Our most successful clients realize this and work with Navirum to create a plan to invest and maintain their solution over time. As part of the Charter process, we create a Salesforce roadmap that outlines a path to long-term success, including a recommendation for improvements, support, and how to take advantage of Salesforce’s three releases per year.

Better user adoption

Salesforce needs to be tailored to its users. In each company, there can be many groups of users with different needs. These groups need to be identified, and their unique needs to be met. Charter is designed to outline solutions for your user’s needs and ensure they create value using Salesforce.

Predictable project implementation costs and time scales:

The reality is that many Salesforce implementations run over budget. The primary reason is a lack of detailed planning. Our process is designed to understand and estimate your requirements in detail so that you can invest in Salesforce with confidence.


The results of Charter are high returns on your Salesforce investment, improved user adoption and client satisfaction, and a much-reduced chance of project failure through poor estimations.

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