Announcing Navirum
[On Demand]

At Navirum, we are very active in helping a range of businesses in North America and Europe to scale and grow using Salesforce. Over the past few months we recognized that many startups and growth businesses require a different consulting model. A model that’s agile and can move quickly with the direction of a growing organization.

A model that delivers predictable services, including set costs and hard timelines. After listening closely to our customers, we decided to launch of a new business line called Navirum [On Demand].

We will be offering a range of new products designed to deliver Salesforce success [On Demand] to our customers. Our initial range of products is focused on implementing Salesforce in less than a month. We are also launching a series of products that integrate Salesforce with some of the most popular apps on the Salesforce AppExchange including Mailchimp, Box, and DocuSign. In doing so, businesses become more productive and in turn more competitive.

Our initial product range includes:

  • Salesforce [On Demand] – allows you to maximise your Salesforce investment by getting customers up and running successfully on Salesforce in a matter of days. Choose from our basic, pro and performance products – buy here
  • Mailchimp for Salesforce – close more deals in less time by integrating Salesforce with Mailchimp to create a seamless sales and marketing process – buy here
  • Box for Salesforce – storage on Salesforce is limited and is expensive to increase. Box is a more cost effective way to scale your storage needs as your business grows – buy here
  • DocuSign for Salesforce – enables you to get your paperwork signed from the comfort of your CRM. Say goodbye to physical paperwork and hello to faster deal cycles – buy here
  • WordPress for Salesforce – create an improved customer experience by connecting Salesforce to WordPress allowing you to respond to leads and cases from your website in real time – buy here 

We can’t wait to hear from you,

Team Navirum

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navirum_adminAnnouncing Navirum
[On Demand]