Improve Salesforce User Adoption and Staff Productivity

Salesforce is not just the leading CRM on the market it is arguably one of the best productivity tools for sales, marketing, and customer service. Despite its popularity, Salesforce customers often experience user adoption challenges. This primarily comes from not having a user adoption strategy or support for users. Having implemented Salesforce for thousands of customers, we recognized this and created Orbit. How does Orbit help companies improve user adoption?

  • Salesforce roadmap: With each of our clients, we develop a project roadmap to deliver valuable monthly projects to our clients. We encourage your staff to participate in this process. This gives users visibility of upcoming improvements and gets them involved in the Salesforce program
  • Frequent training sessions: We can schedule training sessions as frequently as you need. From once a week to once a quarter, we do what it takes to ensure your team is fully capable of using Salesforce effectively.
  • Measure progress: We track user progress to see how they are interacting with Salesforce. We also take on board their feedback at different touchpoints. Using the information, we make recommendations to improve your Salesforce instance and build these into your roadmap
  • High touch support: With our sub one hour response time, your Salesforce users will get help from a Salesforce expert quickly to resolve technical issues or answer questions by phone, email, Slack, or your own Orbit portal. As part of Orbit, we get to know your Salesforce org in detail. This allows us to respond with solutions a lot faster due to our understanding of your security, code, configurations, and integration.

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KristinaImprove Salesforce User Adoption and Staff Productivity