The New Flow: Retirement of Workflow and Process builder

As of December 31st, Salesforce customers will no longer be able to create new Workflow Rules or use Process Builder in Salesforce. The new platform for declarative (no code) automation will be the Flow Builder. This marks the next step in the retirement of Workflow and Process builder altogether.

See the full update from Salesforce here:

Although there are tools to help with the migration to Flow, these tools help replicate each of the Workflows and Processes in your org by converting them into corresponding flows. Using the migration tool might look like an easy way out, but this is actually an opportunity to get the best out of it or improve your automation. Below are some of the opportunities this mandatory update provides: 

  • Evaluate and Refine existing automation: Make updates based on current business needs
  • Simplify automation by consolidating: Multiple Processes and workflows can be compressed into one Flow making maintenance less cumbersome
  • House Cleaning: Get rid of Legacy/Redundant Automations
  • Code to No-Code Migration: Look at some of your programmatic processes that can be automated using flow

Many Salesforce customers will need help from Salesforce Partners such as Navirum to fully tap into the power of Flow Builder and make the transition successfully. 

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KristinaThe New Flow: Retirement of Workflow and Process builder