Energy & Utilities


We help energy companies to create efficiencies from front to back office using Salesforce. The energy industry is unique, given its complex supply chains, logistics challenges, and evolving market in the face of climate change. We help companies develop unique strategies to build efficiencies, grow their businesses, and innovate using Salesforce.


Across the utilities industry, from the creation of new power grids to the distribution of liquified natural gas. Our goal is to create simple solutions that your businesses will love to use. From using mobile apps to help working on-site to the roll-out of complex customer service centers, we help a broad range of utilities companies across natural gas, electricity, water, and steam sectors to implement Salesforce successfully.

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Navirum is a leading Salesforce implementation partner. We are experts in helping the energy and utilities industry implement Salesforce. Together with our clients, we can unify your data, people, applications, and processes. If you would like help to fast-track your success to greater efficiency and fewer technology roadblocks so you can focus on what matters most, reach out to an expert from our team today!

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