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We have listened to our customers, partners and community and are delighted to announce Navirum Orbit.

Navirum Orbit encompasses a number of services to create long term success for our customers. Orbit is aligned with our strategy to generate long-term value for our clients through continuous innovation and maintenance of their Salesforce estate.

Our customers will have access to all of these services via their own Navirum Portal, an Account Manager and 1:1 communication over Slack.

NAVIRUM services

Navirum Orbit

Managed Services

Our managed services include scheduled maintenance, upgrades and optimization of your Salesforce org. This also includes scheduled units of work like data imports, back ups and security reviews. These can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly

Roadmap Development, Design and Accountability

The most successful Salesforce implementations are accompanied by a roadmap to understand how to maintain and invest in the cloud platform to create long-term value.

Technical Support

At Navirum, we will know your Salesforce estate inside and out, so we are best placed to provide ongoing technical support and help to your company. We can resolve tickets quicker and faster with our intimate knowledge of your configurations, customization, and code.

Salesforce Accelerators

We can deploy Navirum code, config, and intellectual property to solve problems, increase productivity and boost adoption. e.g. client onboarding workflows, AML and KYC apps, focused training for struggling users, health checks to find opportunities for optimization – this is the tip of the iceberg!


Focused training sessions to allow your team to become effective Salesforce users, increase user adoption, and shorten the time to value for your Salesforce licenses. Our training sessions can be 1:1, or recorded for new joiners. We can also develop Salesforce curriculum for your company to enable your understanding of Salesforce to scale and boost your growth.


On-demand consulting allows clients to access highly experienced Salesforce consultants to design and customize their Salesforce orgs. With on-demand consulting, we deliver functionality to our clients in bite-size pieces every month.

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