Salesforce Business Case Development

Investing in Salesforce is a big decision. We help our customers to develop Salesforce business cases to guide decision making. Our business cases are comprehensive and include help identifying and valuing business drivers, productivity gains, as well as calculating financials such as the pay back period, return on investment, total cost of ownership and much much more.

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Salesforce Licence Advisory

We help our customers to understand the Salesforce licence model. We provide a range of strategic and advisory services in this area including:

  • Salesforce licence education - help understanding how the licence model works
  • Salesforce licence cost projections - includes cost models for new Salesforce projects and future growth.
  • Salesforce estate cost audit - includes help understanding exactly how much you are spending on Salesforce and AppExchange licences.
  • Salesforce adoption strategies - includes guidance and advice to ensure Salesforce is used to its fullest in your business.

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